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Wild Raspberries
(Plain View Press, 2009)

The Color of Snow

                         Books by Beth Paulson

With lyric ease and a naturalist’s eye, Beth Paulson’s poems guide us into landscapes of longing and deep presence. Hers is a relentless and calm recording of a life of gratitude tinged with personal complexity and concern for the future of an unsettled planet. In reveries that span time and continents, she ultimately brings the reader home to the simplest sources of love— animal, human, mountain and river. Paulson’s spirit is wide-hearted and these poems are essential succor in unsteady times.  

Barbara Rockman, author of to cleave, winner of the National Press Women Poetry Prize, and Sting and Nest, winner of the New Mexico-Arizona Book Award

The Company of Trees
(Ponderosa Press, 2004)


“The world keeps giving back,” Beth Paulson notes, giving voice to a sensitivity and thoughtfulness about nature that has become uncommon in American poetry. Not that she writes “nature poetry.” She writes about what’s near at hand, from illness and loss to practicing Beethoven, from a neighbor’s persimmons to the breakup of river ice in spring. Wherever Beth Paulson looks she finds the healing and balance we all need. Poem after poem, she takes the luminous into herself and gives it back to us in words. What a gift….

Joseph Hutchison, Colorado Poet Laureate 2014-2019

(Kelsay Books 2021)
Uniquely Ouray                           Immensity
(Ponderosa Press, 2007)                Kelsay Books (2016)

                                                        The Heart of Matter
Books may be ordered directly from, or purchased at, the Ouray Bookshop in Ouray, Colorado (970-325-4044). They can also be ordered from Kelsay Books and Amazon.
The Truth About Thunder
(Ponderosa Press 2002)

House of Heart

Canyon Notes
(Mt.Sneffels Press 2012)